“To be entangled is not simply to be interwined with another, as the joining of separate entities, but to lack an independent, self-containted existence. Individuals do not preexist their interaction, rather, individuals emerge through and as part of their entangled intra-relating.“

(Karen Barad - Meeting the universe halfway: 
quantum physics and the entanglement of matter and meaning) 
Following a posthumanist perspective that implies the dissolution of boundaries between entities, the body of work is connected by the same invisible thread of a progressive questioning of the idea of identity as something merely personal. Investigating concepts from familiar constellations, heritage of memories and psychological suffering, to the imperceptable entanglements resonating between human and non-human bodies, the reasearch redefines the question of what being means. Looking to subjectivity as a dynamic emergence of the intra-connection within familiar, societal and natural elements, this is an exploration on how exisence is not an individual affair.
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